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20 Jan 2013

How it all started

In January 2013 I was approached by Hellenic TV in London to give an interview. They wanted me to talk about my professions: Reiki Master/Teacher, Oriental dancer and a Martial Artist. Few days later I received a call from the producer Vasili Panayi asking me to perform   in a Greek play ‘FONAZI O KLEFTIS’. During my rehearsals for the ‘FONAZI O KLEFTIS’ I was offered a double role in ‘WEALTH’ by the producer/ director Mano Tsotra . Very reluctantly I […]

17 Jan 2018


I feel so privileged that I have officially started my own radio shows at L.G.R

11 Nov 2017


Another production by the T.A.T Theatre. A  play by the well-known Greek-Cypriot play writer Despina Pirketti. I have happily accepted the offer to play the role of Florence.

26 Aug 2017


After attending a recall I received the great news that I have been cast for this amazing project to play the role of Maria from Nicosia. Six women-Six countries-Six cultures; one point in common-MEN!!!! They recount different experiences from their relationships with men that have touched their lives. Some of the stories are amusing, some touching, some painful, some pathetic- a normal cross section of life.

20 Jul 2017
Theatro technis logo


20th till 22nd July – I was honoured to play Stella in STELLA’S LETTER at Theatro Technis during Cyprus week.

11 Jul 2017

London Post Interview

London Post approached me and requested to interview me which I gladly accepted:

20 Jun 2017


20th till 24th June 2017 – I had a great fun performing at Dugdale Theatre in the Greek comedy ‘MY NAME IS NOT ZORBA BUT I CAN DANCE’ where I was offered the lead role as Maria-Lella

05 Jun 2017
Salome image 2

Cast in Oscar Wilde’s SALOME

I am delighted to hear that I have been cast in Oscar Wilde’s SALOME. A production of Stage Theatre. Adaptation/Direction by Nick pelas.

30 May 2017

Premier of my new show at GreekBeat Radio

Premier of my new show at GreekBeat Radio WWW.GREEKBEATRADIO.COM

07 Jan 2017

The end of Antigone

The role of Ismene it was challenging. I had to express a cocktail of strong emotions, fear, anger, sorrow, sadness and in order to do that I had to connect with personal experiences which it was a big challenge. At the beginning I was wondering if I would be able to cry every night for three weeks but I did it. I found it actually very cathartic! It was an amazing experience and most definitely I feel much confident now […]

05 Dec 2016

L.G.R ( London Greek Radio)

I was approached by L.G.R to do voice over for advertisements.  London Greek Radio 103.3FM is the only Radio Broadcaster in Europe to air in both Greek and English 24/7 and it is one of the UK’s first ethnic radio stations. It is a beautiful feeling to be part of L.G.R

05 Dec 2016


I have been invited for second time by George Eugeniou to play the role of Ismene in Sophocle’s ANTIGONE. I am very excited that I will have the opportunity to perform in a Greek tragedy.

19 Nov 2016

My big greek bed and breakfast comes to an end

“ I loved every minute  playing Stella in My Big Greek Bed And Breakfast. The hotel receptionist who thought that she can sing better than the Greek star Marinella and had to choose between two men…the hotel owner and the chef!

19 Jul 2016


I am having  great fun rehearsing for the play MY BIG GREEK BED&BREAKFAST where I was offered the lead role!

29 Feb 2016

Start of the An Introduction to Screenwriting Course

As an actress I have a great passion  exploring in depth not only the character of a play/film but learning the process of screenwriting so I started the course “ An Introduction to Screenwriting”. you can find out more on the course at

22 Feb 2016

Start of the Exploring Filmmaking Course

I am so excited to start a 6 week course, “Exploring Filmmaking”. It is so fascinating learning what a filmmaking entails from pre-production to post-production. I am only at the beginning of the course but I have already learned so many things about  filmmaking. I am very happy that I have enrolled myself in this course. I am in week 2 and I love it so far, its so interesting learning about the process of film making. you can find […]