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Category : Personal Updates

17 Jan 2018


I feel so privileged that I have officially started my own radio shows at L.G.R

11 Jul 2017

London Post Interview

London Post approached me and requested to interview me which I gladly accepted:

30 May 2017

Premier of my new show at GreekBeat Radio

Premier of my new show at GreekBeat Radio WWW.GREEKBEATRADIO.COM

19 Jul 2016


I am having  great fun rehearsing for the play MY BIG GREEK BED&BREAKFAST where I was offered the lead role!

29 Feb 2016

Start of the An Introduction to Screenwriting Course

As an actress I have a great passion  exploring in depth not only the character of a play/film but learning the process of screenwriting so I started the course “ An Introduction to Screenwriting”. you can find out more on the course at

22 Feb 2016

Start of the Exploring Filmmaking Course

I am so excited to start a 6 week course, “Exploring Filmmaking”. It is so fascinating learning what a filmmaking entails from pre-production to post-production. I am only at the beginning of the course but I have already learned so many things about  filmmaking. I am very happy that I have enrolled myself in this course. I am in week 2 and I love it so far, its so interesting learning about the process of film making. you can find […]

07 Feb 2016
07 Sep 2015


I am a Panel Critic in the upcoming “GEORDIE SHORE” Promo for MTV.

27 Jun 2015

David Schwimmer and Jennie Buckman Workshop

I attended a workshop with David Schwimmer and Jennie Buckman. For more details visit

04 Jun 2015

Official Representation

I am officially also represented by BROWN AND MILLS for all types of creative work.

20 Jan 2013

How it all started

In January 2013 I was approached by Hellenic TV in London to give an interview. They wanted me to talk about my professions: Reiki Master/Teacher, Oriental dancer and a Martial Artist. Few days later I received a call from the producer Vasili Panayi asking me to perform   in a Greek play ‘FONAZI O KLEFTIS’. During my rehearsals for the ‘FONAZI O KLEFTIS’ I was offered a double role in ‘WEALTH’ by the producer/ director Mano Tsotra . Very reluctantly I […]